2050 : Lucidity

A fictional radio channel revealing news and information from the weird happenings in the dream world, reported directly by various psychonauts and oneironauts participating anonymously. This radio was a result of a psychonaut workshop where participants were given instructions on how to lucid dream and their dreams were collected as part of an ongoing dream library. You too can be part of this project
by submitting your dream below. It might just become part of the radio as a report from the dream world. 

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A woman down by the slow lane, behind the curtain, was kidnapped. The kidnapper is a serial killer and has kidnapped other people as well. This man gets off on other people’s pain and misery. They were all tortured one by one. Another man standing in the room was actually a hanging scarf leading to the woman escaping as the others were killed. She killed the man in the process and looked for the police who identified her as the suspect, wondering how she escaped and killed the man. The woman is now back home suffering from PTSD but no one seems to care about her and everyone pretends as if nothing happened.


The girl living down by the judo academy has joined the judo academy and is doing friendly competitions with an old friend. The coach gets easily confused between her and the friend, occasionally yelling at her for her friends mistakes.


The old woman near the swamp has told us the story of the birth of her new snakes. She was playing with her pet python, Chika, when she was attacked by it. She was taken to the hospital to be treated and believed she would stop taking care of snakes. The attending doctor wanted to change her mind because the python had laid eggs in a pouch under the attending doctors collar bone. The attending doctor would soon give birth to the baby snakes and wants her to to care of them since she knew their mother. She went back home to recover and a few days later the doctor came and cut open the pouch to give birth to a few slithering snakes.


A big hostel near Akureyri, the one which is a big white house with a warm brown roof, was flooded. The hostel has multiple floors and big rooms. A group of people staying in a room were woken up and were forced to reach the window in the attic. One of the members was wondering what she was leaving behind while approaching the window. She had left behind a bag and a wallet with 50 euros which she needed, but after that she couldn’t remember climbing out of that window. She just knew she did.


A man appeared in his house in Reykjavik, but the house had no roof or walls and the man was a wolverine. There was a helicopter light pointing at him but no one was following him. He jumped on a train which turned into a car trunk and he was there with a few more people. The car was dragging children on carpets and shopping carts.


A group of friends were back in London with a housemate from Ireland, the daily free tour of the city was about to begin with the same tour guide. There were a few new friends and the church that was always closed was now open. The day was spent exploring the church that looked bigger from the inside. Every day is spent the same way. A constant loop.


A friends party in Silfurteigur was hijacked by her best friend when she realised all her plants and furniture were replaced by the plants and furniture of her best friend. This was only noticed by her at the end of the party.


A global war is starting due to the pandemic and the government in Iceland has collapsed. Everything is mayhem.


I was driving a cab of some sort and I dropped someone off at a station, it felt like a train station, I went all the way in to help with the bags. Then I came back to the cab and there was a man in the back seat, he seemed like a bad guy and he needed to get somewhere fast. He didn't tell me where he wanted to go, he just kept giving directions as we went along. I was speeding, then the lanes got smaller and my cab got smaller, it became a boda boda type thing with a cover (kinda looked like those ugly cars in front of shopping trolleys). Then there were lots of large birds here and there, like normal birds just larger than usual, I'd been driving and nothing was happening, but I just got the thought "shit what if they attack" the minute I had that thought I looked at one of the birds and they looked back and then boom, it started following me. I was driving super fast but it was managing to keep up and I was super scared coz I didnt have windows for some reason, and I was trying to get my customer to his destination and I just remember yelling BA BA BA BA BA BA BA and clapping my hands and then I realized I'm not such a great driver, so I'm yelling BA's trying to scare the bird, driving super fast and swerving trying to avoid the stupid bird and following instructions on where to go from my customer and then I woke up. And I was shit scared. It was just a super uneasy feeling.


I was in a play, but I know for sure it didn't start like that coz I remember sitting at a picnic spot, there were loads of people, each group on their blanket and it wasn't your typical picnic scene, it was more systematic, we were all seated according to a grid, it was sunny. Then we saw a lady on a ride, a spinning one and it was going super quick but there were still pics of her and she was kinda doing ballet hands...I dont know where that one goes cant remember but then suddenly I'm in a play, so you know backstage with all the stress, people running around, and I'm not sure but I think I have a big part and I also feel like I didn't wanna be in the play, but I was still dressing up and stuff. And I'm also kinda excited. But it's weird all grey, I cant remember how it all looked but I know it was monotone, then I'm in a dressing room, with a toilet attached ( I remember this distinctly I dont know why) and my high school drama teacher comes in and he kisses me and leaves. And I remember feeling embarrassed coz it was a surprise so I made a goldfish mouth and then I have no idea where the dream goes, but for sure the play never starts...its all just random shit backstage I just remember it being super disjointed.


What I dream at night and what I dream about at daytime are like two different worlds. These past nights I've been following intense feelings that have been like a pressure around my heart. Like last night: it was cold and relatively dark. I could only see dark shadows in an old house I was in. I was hiding with my sister and I knew I needed to keep her safe. There were a whole army that was chasing after her, no one knew why. They entered the house and we had to move quietly from room to room so that they wouldn't see us. There was one room that only had one tiny window and a bed. I couldn't fit through the window so I pushed my sister through it into somekind of a box and myself went on the bed, under the blankets and made myself look like a pillow. Then I had to move in a certain way to fool the army so that they wouldn't see the window... They were approaching me and I woke up


My daydreams have been all in Iceland. I've been walking alongside the ocean and I can even feel the wind on my face. Everything is colored purple or light blue and I feel lightness in my heart. Sometimes I visit my future home. It's next to a mountain, quite close to Reykjavik. It's an old house, it has seen many stories and now I live one of them. I have horses and friends that share this farm. We have many tiny buildings that we've made into guesthouses. Light is beautiful and we have some warm lights lighting the yard also. The wind brings freedom for the mind and it's easy to breathe. We have built a dancestudio into the barn, there's some guests dancing for it's rented put as residency sometimes. I also have a dog with long wild hair. One day I will have a child who has freckles on her cheeks and a wild hair like her father. And every spring I scream my spring scream.